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20 June


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The Remarkable Comeback of the Comic Series “Hero Hesman” on the Blockchain Platform


Hesman Legend is a blockchain-based project inspired by the legendary Vietnamese comic series “Dũng sĩ Hesman” (Hero Hesman). 

Many of the early 80s and 90s generations may never forget the significant childhood memories associated with the “Hero Hesman”. The comic series by artist Nguyen Hung Lan has been known by several generations of readers, recently reappearing under the name Hesman Legend in the blockchain version. The project is carried out to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the publication of comic series, aiming to revive the classic series and connect the cultural values ​​of the community to the youth.

Hesman Legend aims to be the first blockchain project adapted from the comic series  “Hero Hesman”

First released in 1993, the series “Hero Hesman” by author Hung Lan successfully portrayed the image of five lion robots and turned it into a monument in the hearts of fans. Nowadays, Hesman Legend’s diverse ecosystem will awaken those memories and continue drawing the story of the hero Hesman, allowing readers to truly immerse themselves in the childhood comic world.

Hesman Legend development team consists of enthusiastic and experienced young Vietnamese members with backgrounds in finance, game development, blockchain, marketing, etc. Moreover, author Nguyen Hung Lan of the series “Hero Hesman” will serve as an advisor to the project.

In addition to granting ownership of the copyright, artist Nguyen Hung Lan – the author of the series “Hero Hesman” collaborate as an advisor to Hesman Legend.

With the consent of the author, Hesman Legend owns the copyright on the comic series, allowing the development team to incorporate the series’ characters into a variety of products that contribute to the expansion of the ecosystem.

In fact, Hesman Legend sparked a fever in the blockchain market when receiving more than $600,000 in support from the community in just three days (from May 25 – 27).

The resurrection of “Hero Hesman” in blockchain platform signals a shift in the digitization of Vietnamese works.

The project has garnered backing from a number of investors having the same objective to spread the value of Vietnamese artworks to the community despite just appearing. Hesman Legend has solid financial and communication assistance from major partners such as Bami Pawn Shop, Delta Labs and Jade Forest Capital, especially FundGo Startup and Innovation Fund. These are crucially initial foundations in the project’s development to reach the vast number of domestic and foreign users.

The recent successful fundraising has marked the first steps of Hesman Legend. The project is expected to accelerate rapidly thanks to unique ideas, the spirit of upholding the artistic value and the appreciation for the creativity of Vietnamese authors.

“Hero Hesman” is a Vietnamese science-fiction comic series consisting of 160 volumes, written by artist Nguyen Hung Lan and published by Hanoi Fine Arts Publishing House. The series is adapted from the Japanese cartoon series Voltron: Defender of the Universe (World Events Productions), which generated a fever in Vietnam in the early 1990s.

Source: VietNamNet

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