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Crypto News – October 6th

  • McDonald starts to accept payments in Tether and Bitcoin in Lugana, Switzerland

The American multinational fast food chain McDonald’s has begun to accept payments in Bitcoin and Tether in the 63,000-person city of Lugana in Switzerland. On October 3, Bitcoin magazine tweeted this announcement.

This is potentially good news for the crypto investment community since Lugana is home to innumerable cryptocurrency users.

  • Lightning Labs releases software to allow Bitcoin developers to mint and issue Stablecoins on the Bitcoin Blockchain

Lightning Network infrastructure firm Lightning Labs has released a test version of the Taro daemon, a new piece of software that will allow Bitcoin developers to create, send and receive assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Taro is a Taproot-powered protocol that was introduced in April and that allows bitcoiners to issue assets such as stablecoins on the Bitcoin blockchain. Those assets can then be transferred over the Lightning Network for instant, high-volume and low-fee transactions.

  • SWIFT says it can resolve a major obstacle to CBDC adoption

SWIFT is a financial messaging platform that connects about 11,500 financial institutions across 200 countries that has solved the huge problem of CBDCs. When the CBDC had to consider building huge and expensive infrastructure to issue national-backed cryptocurrencies, SWIFT had done it 8 months earlier.

In particular, SWIFT has developed infrastructure to make it easier for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and other digital assets to be integrated into the global financial system. On October 5, SWIFT announced that two separate tests of its infrastructure to address CBDC issues and integrate crypto assets on SWIFT had been successful.  It is known that this solution will assist central banks to simply and immediately connect their own networks with other payment systems with a single output, thereby ensuring fast, less cumbersome cross-border payments.

  • “Blue Chip” NFTs Collection of 3AC VC is being moved into a new wallet, indicating the possibility of bulk NFT liquidation.

The Starry Night Capital NFT fund is now in the hands of liquidators, which plan to sell off the assets to cover Three Arrows’ obligations.

Specifically, NFTs belonging to Starry Night Capital have been transferred to a new wallet – a Gnosis Safe account. Totally, 383 Ethereum “Blue Chip” NFTs have been transferred to the new wallet as of this writing.

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