14 June


9:03 PM UTC
14 June


9:03 PM

Partnership Jadeforest x Arena Pixel

We are pleased to announce the special partnership between Jadeforest – an investment fund in cryptocurrency and blockchain and Arena Pixel – a potential and thriving GameFi project. This is an important step forward in creating a powerful synergy between the two that offer great opportunities and value to our community of players.

Jadeforest is an investment fund that has successfully shaped and backed potential cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. With professionalism and deep knowledge of the crypto industry, Jadeforest has marked its presence in the community, contributing to the development and progress of potential projects in this field. And now, we are pleased to announce that Jadeforest has become a strategic partner of Arena Pixel.

With its groundbreaking vision and constant growth, Arena Pixel has gained the attention and trust of the GameFi community. Intending to give players a unique and fair experience, Arena Pixel has created a diverse and engaging gaming environment. The partnership between Jadeforest and Arena Pixel will significantly benefit our units and our community of players.

Jadeforest will provide support and strategic advice to Arena Pixel in the areas of project management, market analysis, marketing strategy, and community development. By combining extensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and investment experience, Jadeforest will assist Arena Pixel in building a strong and sustainable ecosystem for its community of players.

At the same time, with consensus and mutual respect, both Jadeforest and Arena Pixel are committed to ensuring transparency and fairness in all project activities. We believe that the combination of professionalism and vision will create incredible success in the future.

We consider this a significant step forward, marking the growth and expansion of Arena Pixel in the GameFi arena. The partnership with Jadeforest will provide stronger growth and development opportunities while bringing benefits and value to the community, committed to continued efforts and development, and delivering remarkable experiences. 

With close cooperation and shared goals, Arena Pixel will continue to become one of the outstanding GameFi projects in the market. Join us in welcoming new developments and further successes in the near future.

Follow for more information: https://linktr.ee/arenapixel

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